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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: City should retract Mad Rabbit Trail Project

“Though I am an avid cyclist, hiker and outdoorsman, I have come to the conclusion that the creation of those trails presents a serious risk to wildlife habitat in Routt County, and specifically elk habitat.”
— Larry Desjardin

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Impact of Mad Rabbit trails concerning

”Many of the proposed trails will hurt wildlife, worsen traffic and parking congestion, adversely impact the economic health of the many Steamboat businesses that cater to wildlife enthusiasts and push deer and elk onto private ranches where they will eat hay, causing depredation.
— -Eric Washburn

...When I voted for the Trails Initiative I believed the money would be spent on improving expanding the Core Trail and other established biking/hiking trails, which would in effect give the bikers/hikers better and expanded opportunities. without encroaching in to most habitat outside the urban core/influence zone.
— Troy Brookshire

...I am concerned that current discussions do not align with the ‘compass points’ publicly documented. Plans that incorporate public funding must benefit the greater good. It is also critical that we need to carefully plan for being ‘visitor ready’ and absolutely ensure that our greatest assets are very carefully stewarded and protected. Any concern for wildlife habitat should be highly considered as well as the proposals should benefit the highest number of users.
— Tammie Bowes Delaney (Born and raised in Steamboat)

...Equally disturbing are the reports of elk moving away from the Buffalo Pass area. The reports are multiple and credible. A reduction of habitat in the Routt National Forest directly affects the viable size of the resident elk herds, and places more pressure on nearby private lands as the elk migrate in response. Reducing wild habitat is the opposite of what we want to do.
— Larry Desjardin

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