Keep Routt Wild is a community organization dedicated to preserving wildlife and wild places in Routt County.  Our mission is to promote policies and practices for the benefit of conserving the Yampa Valley for future generations of outdoor enthusiasts by balancing opportunities for recreational development with the habitat needs of wildlife.  We are hikers, bikers, hunters, anglers, skiers, ranchers, and local business owners…we are Routt County.

The US Forest Service, with funding from the City of Steamboat Springs, is proposing a massive network of trails in Routt National Forest spanning from Mad Creek to Rabbit Ears Pass known as “Mad Rabbit”. Unfortunately, the implementation of the Mad Rabbit Trails Project poses serious threats to wildlife habitat, ongoing conservation efforts in the valley, and will have a harmful impact on other recreational and economic interests in the community. Keep Routt Wild has engaged the community with respect to Mad Rabbit, urging the proposal be set on “pause” while less impactful alternatives are evaluated.

In spite of the lack of community consensus in favor of Mad Rabbit, it appears that the US Forest Service will go forward with the proposal in some form. Keep Routt Wild will post the latest news and information about Mad Rabbit elsewhere on this website, and instructions on how you can make your voice heard.

Keep Routt Wild has expanded its charter beyond Mad Rabbit, urging a countywide planning process be put in place dealing with all developments on Routt County public lands. These are embodied in our Principles, published elsewhere on this website. Keep Routt Wild has also tackled other issues, such as proper bear-aware practices for Routt County residents and visitors. We plan to be a voice for Routt County wildlife and wild places for decades to come.

Join the movement to support Routt County’s legacy of outdoor recreation and wildlife conservation…we need your voice!