10 Key Reasons the Mad Rabbit Trail Network is a bad idea

1. The high-volume trails built to attract tourists will have a significant impact on wildlife and habitat, specifically elk habitat.

2. Colorado Parks and Wildlife estimates up to 14,000 acres of additional loss habitat for mule deer and elk. Current trails have already impacted 33,000 acres.

3. Though branded as “multi-use” trails, these are largely trails designed for high volume mountain biking.

4. Funding the Mad Rabbit Trails will preempt funding of the Core Trail in Steamboat Springs, which is overwhelmingly supported by the public.

5. There are no maintenance or trail enforcement plans associated with the funding of the trails. This is essential for protecting wildlife.

6. The majority of the trails will be placed in Colorado Roadless Areas, a designation close to that of a wilderness area.

7. More human pressure on public lands will lead to deer and elk being pushed onto private agricultural lands, causing damage

8. We already have a plethora of trails to use. When is enough enough?

9. We face unbalanced risks with the Mad Rabbit decision. We can always use a different trail, but habitat loss is forever.

10. There is value in wild places. Let’s keep Routt wild.

As Presented March 4 To The Routt Recreational Roundtable

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